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Candidates Crossed Out the Infection by Cadence1

I've gone through a good 20 pages of theories so I apologise if it has already been discussed. This is my first theory :).

A lot of discussion has been going into why certain characters known to be alive are crossed off of Jacob's list and what the infection could mean.

I think it's as simple as the fact that people who are dead OR ARE INFECTED must be crossed out. I mention something near the end about island powers as well. I don’t know that we have enough information to really be able to infer this, so this might just be wild speculation. It assumes A LOT about the smoke monster being involved in the infection.

I believe that being infected has something to do with dying/being mortally wounded and/or being brought to the pool of healing.

Two characters that we know have been brought to the pool to be healed: Ben and Sayid. We know that Sayid is infected and I believe that Ben is as well. It would explain why Ben was ignored by Jacob. It might also explain why Ben was able to summon the monster.

A third character that we know of as “infected” is Claire. She said she was injured very badly at one point and that she was taken to the temple and underwent the same torture as Sayid. It isn’t clear if she was injured and THEN brought to the temple or if the incidents are unrelated. If the two are connected, then perhaps they tried to heal her and she was infected.

Alternatively, maybe Claire DID die in the attack on new otherton when a rocket launcher blew up her house in season 4. She was revived somehow, without the pool, and this led to or is what allowed her to be or is because of her being infected.

This might explain why Linus and Littleton have been crossed off.

Reyes, Shephard, Ford, Kwon, and Austen are all alive and seemingly not infected.

This theory falls apart in light of three candidates:
Jarrah is NOT crossed of and IS infected.
Straume IS crossed off and is both alive and probably NOT infected.
Wallace is crossed off and yet Jacob wants him/her to get to the island.

Jarrah is easily explained away. As we saw, MIB crossed Locke off the list upon arriving at the caves, even though Locke had been dead for a while. Sayid only recently died/got infected. It was after Jacob had been killed. Maybe MIB doesn’t know that Sayid has been infected yet. As such, Jarrah has not been crossed out, but should be!

I have no clue why Miles has been crossed out. Maybe it has something to do with his island given ability. To be fair, Hurley has one too. Maybe Hurley’s ability has nothing to do with the island and has to do with Hurley being awesome. Anyone with suggestions please comment away!

As for Wallace, I don’t know why Jacob would want someone who is infected (or dead) to come to the island. My hope is that we are all obsessed over nothing and that Wallace is a red herring with no meaning. If that isn’t the case and Wallace is someone like Walt or Desmond, as I suggested above with Miles, perhaps being crossed off has to do with their ridiculous powers.

Otherwise, I really don’t know.

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