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The Timeline Choice by Inaudible-Whisper

People are talking about the alternate timeline as if it is the result of meddling (directly, as a result of the bomb going off). I think it is in fact the original timeline; how events would have played out naturally (so let's call it the 'Natural Timeline'). Our timeline, the one we have been watching since season 1 (let's call it the 'Lost Timeline'), is a direct result of Jacob interfering in everybody's lives. He has been bringing people to the island looking for a protector to follow his path for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and has finally narrowed it down to these 6 candidates.

At the end of the series, the ultimate choice will be for the losties to choose Jacobs path and protect the island (he'll need a damn good reason) or to do something which will wipe away all of Jacobs work, resulting in the natural timeline (which would work as an epilogue to the island events). The second option, the true reset to the natural timeline, may be the goal of Flocke. He is then not only free from the island, but he can change it so that he was always free. He can also promise (be it a lie or not) that a reset will allow Sayid to be with Nadia, Claire to be with Aaron etc, giving them what they want.

The bomb itself still plays an important role, pushing the losties back forward to 2008 and we can assume it always went off without changing anything in the Lost Timeline (the Swan, afterall, has always been cemented in "like Chernobyl"). In fact the bomb NOT going off, which is how it would have been in the natural timeline, would change things -- the electromagnetic energy from the drilling wouldn't be neutralised by the bomb and would engulf the island, possibly the cause of it ending up underwater.

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