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With all the time traveling and time shifting, not to mention Farraday's time delay and tieme warp experiments, is in very possible that what we are watching "on island" is taking place well BEFORE the ALT in Los Angeles?

Correct me if I am wrong, but have we all made a false assumption?

When Jack Hurley and their crew time shifted back to 1977 after the Ajira -- and Sun and Lapidus etc were left in the present (i.e 2007).

But how de we know that Jin, Lapidus, etc weren't thrown back a few years as well?

Then, after the incident, Jack and company joined them in the island "present" -- any chance that is before 2004, and the "original" crash?

Now, if that is indeed what happened, then what we are seeing in the ALT happens AFTER what we are seeing on the island -- and very possibly after the island is sunk....

I"m sure you all see the ramifications here...

Am i way off ? is there incontrovertible evidence that "island time" is 2007?

Love some discussion/responses

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