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The Reason We See Ben by Jhisc9999

The alternate reality, or whatever you want to call it, makes sense up to a point. That point being Ben. Assuming that the time change occurred with the bomb in 1977, everything makes sense - except Ben. He's a teacher in the Alt and seems to fit that role very well. How did he get off the island? Does he remember anything? My answer is no, because he was NEVER ON THE ISLAND. How can this be since we saw that he was there before 1977? It is possible.

We've seen that Jacob has "steered" people to the island. How has he done this? He used the lighthouse which was focused on places in the past. This was his guide to tell him where to go. Not only where to go, but WHEN to go. I believe that when Jacob visited our Losties, he did so by traveling through time.

Jacob has steered many people to the island including Ben and his father. He may have done so after 1977 by traveling back and effecting changes. This would explain why Ben was never on the island. The bomb sank the island and prevented Jacob's efforts to go back in time and make the changes that he did.

So basically we have all of the changes that occurred since 1977 plus the changes that Jacob made prior to that via time travel (provided that he made those changes after 1977). This gives the appearance that the change occurred prior to 1977, when in fact, it didn't.

Just a thought. Sorry if this was already posted. This site has been wild lately and I can't keep up with it.

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