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Time is Running Out - for Everyone by Chris C

This is my first post of any kind on Lost. I have seen every episode and think this is on the best shows ever created.

Based on the last episode, I feel more questions were raised than answered. But I think they gave away a lot of information for us to digest.

First, Jacob and the MIB are supernatural in nature. I don't believe we are talking about God and Satan, but close in these regards. Jacob and the MIB cannot be killed by one another, so if no attempt's were made on their lives by the other, they would continue to live. Jacob could have given Richard his wife back if he truly wanted. When Richard is asked what he want's for his work for Jacob, he states he want's his wife. Did anyone notice Jacob's facial expression and the long pause before answering "No" but the very next questions of being cleared of his sin's, Jacob immediately answer's "No" and then turn's right around and gives Richard eternal life. Jacob decided that Richard would not do the job he wanted if he gave him his wife back. We as well have seen Jacob bring Locke back to life after the fall out of the window.

MIB can transform in the smoke monster (supernatural) and can assume the body of dead people. I believe Jacob has this same ability as well and is currently in the body of Sayid biding his time.

Jacob is running out of time because he states to Iliana that she must protect the "remaining" six candidates. I take from this language that he (for some reason) is out of time and must choose one of the remaining candidates to assume the role of containing the "evil" corked under the island. As this was said before Ben supposedly murdered Jacob, Jacob already knew that time was running out and that he must act. I think that is why he was directly involved in bringing the "remaining" candidates to the island. I could be wrong here in stating that he was directly involved in bringing just these candidates to the island because you can assume that Jacob always had access to the time wheel and could leave the island previously to bring people to the island. The writer's have not given us that much information yet.

I do not believe that Richard is or ever was a candidate to replace Jacob. He was chosen to be the middle man from the time he met Jacob. This is why he was given eternal life. Jacob is eternal, the MIB is eternal so Jacob gave Richard this gift so he would live as long as the other two and help with the people brought to the island because I belive Jacob felt he would be doing this for a long up until this point. Jacob then realizes that the MIB has found his loop hole, having someone else kill Jacob. This set's forth the "time" issue for the eternal Jacob. I know that doesn't make sense, but if in the beginning Jacob and the MIB know their eternal, but never planned to bring anyone to the island, then of course they would live forever. But something happened, say a bet, between the two of them that man is always going to sin and there was not way to change this, than the loophole theory come's into play. I think this is were the Egyptian symbols come into play. Th! ese maybe were the first people Jacob brought to the island and of course they bring their culture with them.

As MIB now is bringing people to his side of the "bet", then Jacob and the candidates are running out of time to stop him from leaving the island.

This is probably more rambling's than a theory. Just had to get it off my mind.

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