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As a first time theorist, I'll admit there are a couple caveats in which the following could be plausible, but hear me out.. the caveats being:

1. Both Jacob and MIB are responsible for notating (or at least crossing off) candidate names on the inside of the cave, as we saw MIB cross Locke's name out.

2. The name Littleton was scratched off by MIB as he has spent significant time with Claire, with Claire being possibly "infected" and eliminated as a candidate, or MIB's time with Claire has made it clear to him that she's not viable (She's been listed on the cave wall as #313).

Ilana has maintained (even after seeing Locke dead, and MIB taking his form) that there are 6 candidates, and that she's not 100% certain who they are, outside of Jack, Hurley, "Kwon", etc. We're all speculating on who the 6th candidate could be, as Locke is now "dead".

My theory is that the Kwon is Ji Yeon, and the 6th candidate is indeed a Littleton.. just not Claire. The 6th candidate is Aaron Littleton.

I know we're short on episodes to make this all happen, but I'm almost certain there has to be some pretty heavy ramifications for Aaron, being the only baby born on the island in a very, very long time. Couple that with Ji Yeon being the only baby concieved on the island in a very long time to make it to term, and you've got two very special youngsters.

Coupled with Ji Yeon being the only baby concieved to make it out into the world without dying, also consider the fact that when we see all of Jacob's "candidate touching", he touches both Jin and Sun *simultaneously* at their wedding. The powers that be could have had Jacob shake hands with both independently, but I think the fact he touched them both at the exact same time has some heavy relevance.

Again, the theory weakens as to how this could all be possible with the limited episodes remaining, but if we find Sun and Jin aren't the candidates named Kwon, and Claire has been deemed unworthy and crossed out.... is it that far outside the box?

Go ahead and tear this to bits now. I find the discussion strings on good theories to contain lots of good affirmation of things I might have forgotten/omitted. Thanks for reading!

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