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Atlantis Theory Revisited by Vega

First time poster yada yada yada.

Love this site, love the ideas that bounce around. Everyone seems to be focused on what is currently happening in the recent episodes (and rightfully so) that we have lost sight of a bigger question, what is the island?

I remember reading a theory about Atlantis a long time ago. I always thought the island was Atlantis since then. As the show progresses I feel that theory is more and more accurate. Not Stargate's Atlantis. The real Atlantis right here on earth, sort of.

Throughout the history of earth it has had many names. While it was in the Atlantic Ocean it was Atlantis. To the Asians it was called Mu and to the Indians Lemuria. All of these places where islands of advanced technology, which sunk or disappeared from the face of this earth. When the island was moved, it looked like it sunk into the ocean and disappeared at the same time.

Most of these places have been disproved to have ever existed by science. Duh! It is all the same island just constantly moving around and time traveling.

The island moves through time and space, this much we know. With the island constantly on the move, I can see it in one ocean for a few years then moving on to another. We also know there are catacombs and ruins (i.e. the wheel and the cove that the MIB threatened Ben) that run deep under lush exterior that is visible. These ruins look ancient and after Richard’s episode it is quite obvious they were built and grown over long before he first made it to the island.

I believe the history of the island goes back farther than Jacob and MIB. To have an extensive set of ruins like the ones that exist on the island would require massive manpower. There must have been an ancient civilization on this island thousands of years before we ever get to see it through the eyes of the losties.

The myth is the civilization of Atlantis became so advanced that they killed themselves off. I believe the MIB was somehow created by this civilization and he turned on them. Their last great invention was Jacob, a protector of the island and jail keeper of the MIB. Then they evacuated all over the world and influenced every culture they integrated with. If you look carefully at Dogan’s temple, the top looks Mayan and bottom looks Egyptian.

Atlantis and all its other subsequent names became a place of myth. The stories from the survivors became parts of the religions of the world. The written language of the island later became what we now know as Egyptian, Greek and Latin.

The show will most likely not go into this as time is quickly running out. Remember at the end of the second Matrix movie when Neo reached the Architect, he said “while your first question may be most pressing, it is also the most irrelevant” (Ok, he used bigger words than that.) I believe the writers feel this way. Most of the questions we have may not matter in the end. We will have to look for the answers in between the lines.

Here are my two cents.

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