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This is my first time posting so go easy on me. Here’s my theory.

What if the scene that we saw last season in the Incident between Jacob and MIB (man in black) was not in the past but in the future. We all assumed it was a flashback but it could have been a flashforward to the end of the show.

I came to this startling conclusion after having the sudden thought: what if MIB is the person who is “coming to the island”. We’re all so sure that MIB is in Locke’s body. Wouldn’t we be thrown for a loop if MIB was the mysterious person that Jacob said was coming?

If the show were to end with that scene playing out between Jacob and MIB, it would be proving that time is a continual loop and the wars on the island continue to go on, just with different players every time. We just happened to see these players.

Our losties are “in progress” and it always was meant to end the same.

The only flaw that I can think of with this theory is the ship that Jacob and MIB are watching. But again, we’re all assuming it’s the Black Rock. We don’t know. That ship could have just been a red herring to keep us from arriving at the conclusion that this was a flashforward not a flashback.

So what do you think? Might the show end with that scene between Jacob and MIB discussing progress?

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