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Darlton had a Story... but it changed by Jacob

I truely believe that Darlton and JJ had a story to begin with. However, they've changed it during the course of the series. From all the theories posted on the internet they realized some of the flaws in what they were creating.

It's very hard to find flaws in Lost because you don't know the significance to something until much later, or it could be a red herring. However, I found a major issue that almost makes me want to stop watching now. When the people on the freighter come- Miles, Daniel, Charlotte, etc. Ben is in captivity with Lockes crew. Locke asks him for answers about the island and what be says next is very important. He exposes to Locke and clan all the people that are on the island, and he says he knows because he has a spy on the ship. We obviously know its Michael. However, what he says in reference to Charlotte really makes me question this whole show now- at least the promise that they had! the beginning, middle, and end planned before they started. Ben says that "her name is Charlotte and she was born in Essex in 1979." Well there is a major flaw because Charlotte, as we see the following season, was part of the Others. She was there pre-incident, pre-1977 as a child of about 3-5 years old. Explain to me how prior to this Ben and the Others know absolutely everything about every character to the T. Yet, he gets the birth year wrong? Plus he was part of the Dharma as a kid at the same time Charlotte was. He may not be able to know her by face, or possibly even name, but how can he not know she was a Dharma baby that left before the incident. Not to mention she was -2 or -3 years old. I think that while adapting the story, Darlton missed a major claim they made about someone. They couldn't wrap the story together. They may know this now and just hope that such a small detail goes over looked. But don't create a show like this if you can't put your ducks i! n a row. I think by the end of the series if you go back you w! ill star t to see a bunch of these flaws. They may get discarded as red herrings or whatever. What I think is that they had a story that they thought noone would figure out right away.... yet they drive the show to a point where people spend countless hours viewing, researching, trying to connect dots... there was even that Lost Experience thing in the beginning. Anyway, they saw that a lot of people had figured out the story early on-- and since they couldn't end the show and they were trying to keep the audience captivated with confusion... they changed the direction.

The show is the red herring.

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