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Kate cannot be claimed by Lauren

Since Kate has seemed to join up with MIB's team everyone is assuming that she will turn but I don't think this is the case. When Jacob visited everyone off the island he seemed to give them something. Kate was bought out of trouble. Jack was given some advice/hope. Locke was seemingly brought back to life at Jacob's touch. Sun and Jin were both given his blessing. Sawyer was given a pen to write his vengeance letter (which actually can be debatable if it was 'good') Hurley was given the guitar case which virtually saved his/everyone else's life. Except Sayid, who's love Nadia was essentially killed because of Jacob's visit. Because of this I think that Sayid is the only one that was able to be claimed by the MIB. And that the only reason Locke was "claimed", if you can call it that, is because he was dead already when he came to the island not killed on the island like Sayid. I've always been confused a! bout Jacob's visits and why Sayid seemed to be the only one who had a tragic outcome due to said visit and this may be a possibility. I guess we will see in the next few weeks how it pans out with Jin, Kate and Sawyer to know for sure.

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