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Even though "Recon" wasn't one of my favorite episodes, I think it pretty much spelled out The Others' purpose for us. We've known for 5 seasons that The Others believe they're meant to protect the island, and the assumption was that they need to protect it from outsiders, but I don't think that's the case anymore. I think Jacob formed The Others in order to protect the island from MIB, who could manipulate outsiders. The reason they act the way they do towards outsiders is because they know about the Sickness, but can't know who is infected and who isn't until they test them. They also can't know who is a real person and who is a manifestation of MIB. Since the general assumption is that the island is a prison for MIB, I think The Others are the prison's Guards. Their duty is to prevent MIB's escape from the island, by any means. That's why they believe themselves to be "The Good Guys." They're pro! tecting the outside world from The wrath of The Monster.

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