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I have been reading reams upon reams on theories about the main time line and "ALT" time line and have finally come up with my own! Please be gentle.....long time reader first time poster. Sorry….it’s lengthy.

A video released at 2007 comic-con shows an experiment happening at the Orchid. There is a rabbit, number 15 being held by Pierr Chang. During the video something happens that the viewer is not supposed to see, but it becomes apparent there is a duplicate rabbit, numbered 15. Halliwax/Chang/Candle asks “when did you set the shift” the assistant replies "negative 20". This mean the rabbit was time travelled 20 seconds and should have appeared when the first rabbit was sent in time to show the experiment on video however something when wrong, Chang shouts “don’t let them near each other.” They can't co-exist. This seems to me that something happened on the island to produce a duplicate timeline.

Out losties become mirror images of what we know them to be. Rose reassuring Jack, Shannon not being on the plane, Sawyer being a cop not a criminal, Jack being a father etc.

The fact that they recognise each other but don't know how in this duplicate reality would make sense.

This would go some way to explain why the producers and writers will not refer to the "ALT" timeline as an alternative timeline because it is something different entirely.

What I'm not sure of is when the duplication was made. Two possible instances come to mind which could facilitate duplication. Either

A) When Desmond turned the fail safe key or
B) When Ben turned the Frozen Donkey wheel.

I'm more convinced by B, as when the island "disappeared" or moved in time I always maintained that it looked like it dropped into the ocean - if you go back and watch the episode you can see a sort of ripple, like when you drop a stone into water. This would explain why the island is underwater in the duplicate timeline which happened after Dharmaville was built and could explain how Miles’ father got off the island is he had not been blown up by Jughead when Juliet tried to set it off (that is if Miles’ father is Pierre Chang.)

But I think this is a story the writer’s have thrown in to put s off the real story to Lost. When Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were asked to take over Lost, they said they would only do it if they could put a supernatural spin on it – the island is the supernatural spin.

I firmly believe in the theories out there what have raised the issue of the Creator, Destroyer and Protector. Just who these people are is the real story.

Jacob/MIB are the protector’s of the island. I don’t think I need to evidence why Jacob is a protector but MIB has been referred to as a “security system” and MIB has told Sawyer that Jacob was wrong and there was nothing to protect the island from and wants to go home, suggestion he’s been on the island long enough protecting it from nothing. He is not “evil incarnate” he just wants to be free.

We haven’t seen the creator yet – and I think this will be revealed in Episode 15. Whoever it is will have some strong ties to our Losties, for some reason I keep being drawn to Eloise Hawking as she is the only one who seems to know all that is going on – even before Daniel did. Eloise herself is named after Stephen Hawking who has stated believes that "the universe is governed by the laws of science. The laws may have been decreed by God, but God does not intervene to break the laws." This stood out to thinking about all the RULES the govern the island and losties. She does seems to be doing a lot of the guiding in lost.

I think the Destroyer is someone that may be connected to Charles Widmore – maybe not him personally but someone he is connected to or working with, someone or something he represents. I think his name is an anagram which would be a clue but I’m not that bright and have not cracked that nut yet. We know that the writers like to name their characters after someone significant and relate to their character’s personality:

Matthew Abbadon - is know to be the name of the biblical Angel of the Abyss (Revelation 9:11). Or the name translates from Greek for "destruction" or "the destroyer". Many Biblical scholars believe Abaddon to be Satan or the antichrist. Others have stated that he may be one of the lesser demons of hell, or even a dark angel. Interesting that he is working for Charles Widmore.

It’s interesting that the writers said way back at the start when we were all in awe of the island that lost was not about the island but about the characters. Perhaps out losties are the one’s who need protecting not the island.

Near the end of the season our losties will become knowledgeable of the duplicate timeline and have to make a decision on what to do to correct time – ultimately destroying one timeline and that mean tears and scarifies giving us our final payoff.

Let me know what you think. Thanks

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