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Darlton have always said that supposedly when the show is over we can go back to the pilot and see that they supposedly knew from the beginning what they were doing and always knew how the show would end.

So obviously a lot of people have always thought that somehow the revelation of who Adam and Eve are will be that clue.

But more and more I start to suspect that they are merely a red hering.

Someone recently pointed out that the very first person killed by Smokey was the pilot of 815. And Smokey killed him for almost no reason - didn't judge him beforehand or anything - just ripped him out of the cockpit and chewed him up.

Combine that now with the appearance of Lapidus who was SUPPOSED to be the pilot but overslept - but STILL the island "got him" and insured that he arrived on the island...not once...but TWICE...and the fact that Ilana said he "might be a candidate" (which in itself is weird because now all of a sudden she seems to know quite exactly who the candidates are, even by name) leads me to believe that there will be some kind of "OMG" moment where we realize that Lapidus somehow is integral to the story and its outcome.

Personally I think it would be kind of lame though if Lapidus would end up as Jacob's replacement. We have never seen a flashback of Lapidus or know anything else about his past. So for THAT reason it of course would be "smart" for the writers to leave him on the island since we have no real emotional attachment to him and have never seen what life he would be "missing" if he stayed on the island - but still it would seem to me like some "afterthought"- Even though it of course would fit in nicely with the fact that the original pilot was the first to die.

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