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After Ab Aeterno, I got thinking about other bits and pieces of LOST that have been aired but never addressed over the past couple of seasons.

Jacob's Cabin - Remember that rickety old cabin in the middle of nowhere, which kept disappearing and reappearing, was surrounded by the line of ash, and hosted who looked to be Christian Shephard?
That could not have been Jacob's cabin at all. It was MIB's cabin. It was a ruse by MIB. Christian's body was inhabited by MIB. He brought Claire there after she left Aaron in the woods. He moved the cabin around at will (as Smokie, he can assume almost any form he wants!). MIB probably used the cabin to lure the candidates.

Latin - Remember during one flashback when the people living on the island were speaking Latin? If this Island has passed through all time periods, Then the Romans must have had a significant presence there at one time. As a side note, I find it coincidental that Spanish is now important on the Island (being a derivitive language from Latin). Again, perhaps that is only a coincidence.

WHY IS JACOB BEING REPLACED?? No one has brought this up. Jacob has obviously been on the Island for centuries. So why all of a sudden has he been looking for a replacement?
I think Jacob knew his time was up. He already lined Alanna up to 'protect' the candidates. Now that Jacob is 'dead', Alanna is left to protect Jacob's heir. MIB has been wanting to kill Jacob since the beginning of time. Jacob had to know his death was finally imminent.

WHY TUNESIA? The folks who travel through time end up in Tunesia of all places. Charlotte found a Dharma polar bear's remains there.
I think the "Island" has not always necessarily been an island, per se. That chunk of land was probably once part of Tunesia and was 'moved', leaving behind the polar bear remains. The polar bears probably ended up on the Island at another time, if the Island passed through one of the Polar regions.
Additionally, with Tunesia as a former host of the "Island", that might explain all the Egyptian heiroglyphics and such. The broken 4 toed statue must be a key to that Egyptian history, especially since Jacob was living in it.

CAIN AND ABEL? Are Jacob and MIB actually Cain and Abel? I'm not a big Bible person, but in the Old Testament, Adam and Eve's son, Cain, killed Abel. The Garden of Eden is said to have been located in what is now the Middle East. This might make some sense, although my thought of this was altered by FLocke/MIB claiming that he had a mother once who was crazy. Biblical Eve does not fit with that.

That's all I've got, folks! Fire away! I still think the most important factor that people are not discussing is the fact that JACOB NEEDS A REPLACEMENT. Why now?

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