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Sawyer’s ALT persona, Recons and Death

Hello all! Long time “lurker”, occasional poster and first time theory writer. This theory started off as a few thoughts after Recon and has spiralled out of control ever since. In the past week I have been contemplating whether or not to put it to type but I thought; “hey, might as well – what’s the worst that can happen”.

First and foremost the usual disclaimer non-sense; I haven’t looked at the theory section in a while (not since there was a theory that made me literally lol and damn near literally rofl – the one stating that lost was one big sexual metaphor and the button in the hatch was……if you read it you’ll know it’s too ridiculous to type again). Anyway, back to the disclaimer; I haven’t seen any of this posted before but if it has been then I apologise. Furthermore I have not seen this week’s episode (S06E09) as it isn’t aired over here in Sunny Scotland until Friday, so if something in that Episode contradicts this then it has been a big waste of time me writing it lol – oh well, lets hope not ;-)

Second, this is just a few random thoughts with a splatter of twisted logic. I am by no means stating this will happen, just that it is a potential direction in which the story could proceed. If you like what I’m thinking then great, if not then please leave constructive criticism in the comments (there is a lot of scope for constructive criticism, believe me). In fact if you want to be a hater, feel free to be ignored ;-)

On to the theory proper. My thoughts are so convoluted it’s hard to find a starting point however, as the title suggests, Sawyer might be a good place to start; in fact Recon as an episode. Now there has been a number of discussions regarding the meaning of this title but I haven’t heard this one before (again, if it has been posted I didn’t know, my bad).

There is the literal translation in so much as Sawyer was sent to do recon on the Hydra Island, far too obvious for TPTB. Then it gets interesting and more viable in so much as everybody seems to be conning and counter conning each other, Sawyer spent half of the episode lying to people including but not limited to Widmore, Flocke/Smokey, the woman in the bedroom at the start. Potentially even Kate, with his plans for the pair of them getting on the sub.

There is another possibility though. What if Miles is, and has been for as long as they have been partnered up in uniform, conning Sawyer. What if Miles is Internal Affairs, watching Sawyer and waiting for him to slip up? Slip up and do what? Kill! Think about it, he admitted he would kill if he met Anthony Cooper and I think it is a distinct possibility that Sawyer could be crooked, “on the take” or however else you want to say it – a corrupt cop.

The fact that Miles ran his credit card means there are trust issues. Or is it more than that? Is it an active investigation? Now to the whole Charlotte business, she never struck me as a slut before but the way she dived head over heels into bed with Sawyer struck me as strange (no doubt the female readers of this theory will beg to differ lol). In fact it was almost the mirror image of the opening scene; he used his body as a hook, a persuader for the wife of the con-man, and Charlotte did exactly the same to him.

When she saw the file with the name Sawyer on it she looked as if she wanted to say, “mission accomplished” but when she saw the contents she looked disappointed, perhaps a bit upset and maybe even a touch guilty. What was she expecting to find in the folder with the name Sawyer on it? It could be the case that Miles knows a lot more than he is letting on. He could know about Anthony Cooper and the pseudo name he used and what happened when he used it. He could have sent his pretty little redheaded friend to seduce Sawyer with the intention of finding anything incriminating, after all if Miles was to go to his apartment he would be secretive and wary and would cover his tracks. On the other hand, a woman could manipulate him into letting his guard down and she almost succeeded.

Miles sent Charlotte to do what he couldn’t, catch Sawyer off guard. It is also possible that when Sawyer went round with the sunflower to apologise that Miles was in the apartment with Charlotte, she seemed quite uncomfortable and was acting suspiciously. Could be the fact that they are living together? But this is a stretch again due to the fact Sawyer is Miles’ partner at work so he would know if Miles was living with someone. Despite the fact that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” and she was chucked out of the house wearing little more than a sheet but I think there could be more to it than that.

OK, moving on. The rest of this theory is very unlikely but potentially viable. TPTB have mentioned at least a couple of times; “we all know what happens when you die on the island, but what happens when you die in the ALT” (had to paraphrase there as I couldn’t find the quote because I’m on a train with no internet). Why would they mention this on more than one occasion unless it was relevant? Well, I suppose there is the fact that they get pleasure from mashing the fan base’s sanity with every episode…Regardless that got me thinking about Sawyer’s ALT persona and off island deaths.

He came to a crossroads, he had to make a choice – criminal or cop. What if he made his choice but he chose to be a criminal with a badge. This may be a bit “off the deep end” and to be honest there is no evidence to support it but there is no evidence to prove or disprove much in the ALT at the moment.
Sawyer was extorting money from our friendly local gangster, Keamy. Perhaps not extorting in fact, perhaps they were in partnership? Sawyer keeps the cops away and in return gets a split of Keamy’s profits. There is something to suggest that could be the case, Jin.

How would a Korean get from being in custody in the airport to being locked in a fridge in a gangsters place? In fact, forget the fridge, how would a foreign citizen get out of police custody if being held for carrying crazy amounts of cash into the country? The answer seems obvious (maybe simply because I have talked myself into believing it), a fellow police officer must have come to collect him. With Sawyers conman/lying/deceit skills he could probably have pulled it off but with a badge it would have been a piece of cake. All he need have said was, “I’ve come to transfer the son of a bitch down town” or some such Sawyerism. And next thing Jin would know, he’s with Keamy.
What could the reasons for a gangster and a renegade cop wanting Jin? That speaks for its-self. He was carrying a large amount of cash and was travelling with Sun, the daughter of a rich Korean businessman. Either Jin was going to do a deal with them or they wanted to kidnap him for ransom money.

Sayid went and screwed everything up when he burst in, killed Keamy and freed Jin. This will enrage the, already unstable Sawyer and would give him a reason to hunt down his Korean “cash machine”, bringing him into direct confrontation with Sayid, potentially into a kill or be killed situation. Sayid was trying to change but Sawyer would kill without so much as a thought.

That is pretty much that as far as Sawyer being corrupt and capable of murder but who else might be in the danger zone. As I see it there is currently no logical reason why anyone is likely to die or be killed (or kill for that matter) in the ALT timeline though TPTB have said this is going to happen. This is a potential cause for some of those deaths:

Locke – Sawyer finds Locke’s Dad and there is a struggle. Locke dies protecting his father.

Miles – Miles knows the true Sawyer, he is investigating him. Sawyer shoots him to protect his reputation, job and life.

Charlotte – As above, she has been helping Miles maybe even living with him. Sawyer goes to kill Miles and Charlotte is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sayid – Ruined Sawyer and Keamy’s plans for Jin and kills Keamy, this one is straight off revenge killing.

Jin – Sun/Paik refuse to pay ransom. Jin gets a bullet to chew on.

Kate – Shot trying to get away from Sawyer and Miles.

Problems with this are that there is no continuation of the possible logic into Sawyer killings for any of the other characters (Jack, Hurley, Sun, Claire – even Kate was a stretch tbh).

Enough from me, time to wrap it up! In Summary:

• James “Sawyer” Ford is not what he appears to be. He is still consumed by hatred and driven by revenge
• James “Sawyer” Ford is more dangerous in ALT as he has to persistently keep up the charade of being the “good cop”.
• Miles is Internal Affairs (or possibly hired by a 3rd party as freelance investigator) and actively investigating James “Sawyer” Ford.
• James “Sawyer” Ford will realise this and take Miles out.
• Charlotte is in some way affiliated with Miles – be it professionally or romantically (Living together maybe?). She was trying to use her feminine charms to gain Sawyers confidence (con him) as Sawyer did to the woman in the opening scene.
• Charlotte will be caught in the Miles – Sawyer crossfire.
• Jin escaped custody in LAX due to Sawyer coming to collect him. This would have appeared to be a prisoner transfer but Jin ended up in Keamy’s place.
• Sawyer was working with (or taking money from) Keamy. They were working on getting money from Jin (be it extortion of Paik or ransom from Paik for Jin).
• Sawyer killed Keamy and freed Jin which royally screwed Sawyers plans. This could lead to confrontation and potentially ALT death for Sayid (and Jin?).
• Jin could be killed by Sawyer if it a ransom con and Paik/Sun refuse or cannot pay.
• Lock will be killed by James “Sawyer” Ford. I’m fairly sure this will happen at some point as it is the only current logical (as opposed to hypothesised) reason for any death in the ALT. Sawyer will go to take out Anthony Cooper and Locke will get in the way trying to protect his father who in the ALT is still friendly with Locke and his soon-to-be misses.

So - “What happens when you die in the ALT?” the answer to that question is anyone’s guess right now but I think it will be Sawyer who shows us, potentially he will be the one who consolidates the 2 timelines by removing out losties from the ALT. When all of our on island losties are killed in the ALT, the entire timeline becomes irrelevant (due to not knowing anyone) and this would mean no more flash sideways and the build up to the epic finale can commence.

I hope I am wrong because Sawyer is, as has been from the start, one of my favourite characters (whereas Kate is just a donkey in my opinion. She should be sitting turning the donkey wheel far away from the cameras – in fact, that’s bollox, she is hot!!!). If he turned into some monstrous killer, especially of the innocent characters I could not link, it would be a shame. Though it would make for a load of kickass fights, Sawyer vs Sayid again anyone?!?

One finishing note – I was just thinking of something that would be exceptionally irritating! If TPTB were to pull a Matrix on us and when someone died in the ALT they also died on the island. That would be rubbish lol

Anyways, thank for reading. Sorry this got so long; it was not intended to be colossal. Please comment away and, as always, constructive criticism is not only welcomed but encouraged (and remember, “Haters” will be ignored – don’t waste the key-presses). Look forward to your comments.


Draven out…

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