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Jacob is not what you think by jlafond

Has anyone theorized that MIB is not the bad guy here. I mean sure he has directly killed people, but isn't that better than indirectly killing people like Jacob does. Jacob brings people to the island they get thrown into the mix and bad things happen. Look at the history of the others, every leader and member swear allegance to Jacob, but they have no problem killing anyone, they do it and don't even feel bad. So far MIB has only killed people that either threatened his life (when he killed all of the people in the statue), or he gave people ample warning to get out of the way (temple killings). Looking back at the history of the show, who has been killed by Smokey, first would have been the Pilot and the second would have been Eko, off hand I can't think of anyone else. The pilot is the only solid hole in my theory, and maybe we can chalk it up to that pilot was never supposed to be on the island "alive" in th! e first place, perhaps if he had lived he might have done something to disrupt the balance, and i think we all agree that this show is all about balance. Which brings us back to Eko, perhaps the island is in fact purgatory or Eden or just a place that seperates the natural and supernatural worlds and in order to pass from one realm to another you have to fufil your journey and die, maybe Eko changed maybe not for the better which is why Smokey killed him. To wrap up this section, how many people died in the name of Jacob, look at Ben, if Jacob was all powerful and knowing and really cared, would Jacob have let Alex die, what about Carl, what about Mr. Friendly, they all speant thier lives in support and service of Jacob and where did that get them.

Now lets talk about 2 main chactors, John Locke and Richard Alpert, how do you feel about these charactors. In the case of John think about way back in season 1 when he was face to face with Smokey, I think he was scorned but still a man of faith, guess what smokey didn't do when they met, he didn't kill him because at that phase John was good, and really who was responsible for John's death, it was indirectly Jacob. How about in last nights show, Richard was face to face with Smokey and was not killed, I think we can all see that Richard was a man of extreme faith at this point, and Smokey spared him.

So all of this kind of alludes to the core of the show, good vs evil, but more than that i think it is the way we all look at whats good and whats evil. Everyone assumes Jacob is good, but I really don't think he is, has anyone ever heard that the devil has a way with words, or that he is a kind of soothsayer, perhaps snake charmer, well seems to me that Jacob does a lot of convinceing and he has to do very little in the way of physical actions, I actually think all he has done is grant richard long life, but did he? MIB touched him first, so was Jacob just saying what he already knew to be true?

Im not going to get into what exactly the island is and why the Losties are there, i think plenty of other theories are hitting thier stride. I just wanted to get everyone thinking that maybe Jacob isn't the guy we always thought him to be.

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