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Symbolism of the bottle of wine by CruzaderJC

Just a quick theory about why they specifically chose a bottle of wine to symbolize Jacob keeping the Man in Black from being released into the world. So in this episode they refer to the Man in Black as being the wine, the bottle as being the Island, and Jacob as being the cork.

I think the use of wine representing the Man in Black is interesting. We know our main protagonist Jack has had problems with alcohol, and his father too. The central gist of Jacob's plan is to get people to REJECT the temptations of sin/evil and accept good on their own. I think Jack's alcohol addiction was a nice cross-symbolism with the Man in Black being symbolized as wine in a bottle.

PLUS, the very beginning of the series has Jack in the jungle, and the first thing he does when he gets up is look down at the small bottle of alcohol in his pocket. The biggest hint of subtle foreshadowing we've had yet.

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