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My theory starts with that just as I think Jacob symbolizes Jesus/God and the Man in Black the devil I think Ilanna symbolizes Mary Magdalene in the story of Lost. I don't know why this only occurred to me now but it did. Now that I think about it when Ilanna goes under the statue and sees that Jacob is gone it is like when Mary Magdalene discovers that Jesus's body is gone. I also see the people that came with Ilanna as Jacob's disciples so to speak and Ilanna is like the female disciple that Mary was.

In the latest episode we get to see more of Jacob's visit with Ilanna. When he first comes to her most of her face is covered but you can clearly see that she has a lot of bruising around her mouth. I'm not sure if we are to assume that when we see her with her bandages off that is a later visit or the same one. If it is one visit I wonder if Jacob takes his gloves off and heals Ilanna. Jesus didn't heal Mary physically but he did heal her none the less.

I believe Richard had eternal life as soon as Jacob baptized him and Richard said he wasn't dead because he wanted to live because I believe Richard's eternal life symbolizes the eternal life you get when you accept Jesus Christ.

Now that I think of it I wonder if Claire will be okay because Mr. Ecko baptized her in season 2. Gosh, the more I see the more I want to go back and watch earlier episodes!

I know that dead is dead, but not in the case of Jesus and maybe it will be the same with Jacob, if Jacob were to come back from the dead and defeat the man in black I'm not sure how the candidates would fit in.

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