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Some folks have claimed a possible production error/continuity error with the arrival of the Black Rock, due to seemingly conflicting scenes in "The Incident" and "Ab Aeterno."

The now-famous opening scene of "The Incident" depicts Jacob and the Man in Black observing the arrival of a ship. The seas are calm and it is a bright, sunny day. In "Ab Aeterno," the Black Rock encounters a fierce storm at night, causing massive tital waves to shipwreck it on the island. Some folks are crying "error" because of these two conflicting reports. Several scenarios come to mind, NONE of which result in error on part of the producers.

Scenario 1. These are two DIFFERENT ships. The ship in "The Incident" doesn't have to be the Black Rock in order for the scene to serve its purpose. The point of the scene is that Jacob has been bringing people to the island for a long, long time. This point is reiterated in "Ab Aeterno." Maybe that ship wasn't the Black Rock, and was simply one in a long line of people Jacob has brought in order to prove MIB wrong.

Scenario 2. Both scenes depict the Black Rock. The two men see the ship in the distance. Later that night after this conversation, a storm arises (whether caused by Jacob directly or not) and brings the ship ashore.

Scenario 3. Both scenes depict the Black Rock. From Jacob and MIB's perspective, the seas are calm. From the Black Rock's perspective, they enter "turbulence" as they enter the island's radius. As you may recall, Frank, Desmond and Sayid experienced turbulence on their way to the freighter in "The Constant." The difference in time of day/weather could also be affected by the time difference between the island and those in the boat (as referenced by the difference between time on the island and the freighter in season 4).

In any case, I believe no production or continuity errors occurred in last night's episode. Any of these three scenarios could be valid for explaining the differences between the two scenes.

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