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Hello there. This is my first theory I've posted, despite having been a reader of other people's for yonks.

Jacob's recent revelation that the island is "a bit like the cork in a bottle of wine" , keeping in all the evil and whatnot, stopping it spilling out into the outside world, made me think back to series 2.

In particular, Kelvin asking Desmond whether he was brave enough to pull his finger out of the dam and blow up the whole hatch.

The two analogies struck me as quite similar.

It makes me wonder whether the purpose of the hatch was not just to do with electromagnetism, but also to with keeping the cork in the bottle. It would make sense to me if these two concepts are in some way related to eachother, and would also be extremely satisfying to discover a deeper meaning behind the Swan, and the task that Desmond was destined to perform.

I'm not sure how it would work in practice, but I'm thinking that all that button-pushing malarky from season 2 must play a big part in the overall mythology of the show.

The season 6 mytholgy has been heading toward much less scientific and tangible stuff than we've been used to (stuff like button-pushing and numbers and polar bears in cages, pregnancy issues etc) - its now much more about abstract human concepts like good and evil, freewill and destiny.

Does anyone else agree that it would be satisfying if we found out that the Swan was a practical and scientific solution to dealing with the newly revealed problem of keeping the MIB on the island?

Maybe the reason he's been trapped there for so long has summat to do with the electromagnetic bubble, a bit like how he really doesn't like that sonar fence.

This theory really opens up a whole can of worms with regards to Dharma. They must have known about the cork issue, and the evil that was threatening to be let loose if the electromagnetic protection didn't remain in tact.

Maybe they did, but most theories seem flaw-ridden at first, before we get further information. I have a feeling that the info that really ties everything together won't come til the finale. If it doesn't come, I'll be considerably annoyed and disappointed, as I'm sure you will be too.

If I'm right though, then Locke's intefering with the button pushing in the season 2 finale ("i was wrong!!" - yes you were you bald shmuck!), and desmonds subsequent turning of the failsafe key, led to not only the removal of the electromagnetism, saving the world from a big explosion, but perhaps also had the undesirable side effect of making it vulnerable to an outleak of smokey nastiness instead.

The way I see it, after the hatch implosion, the only thing keeping smokey robinson trapped was the ring of ash around the cabin (surely that was him in there saying "help me?")

I have no idea how this ties into the flash sideways of course, I can only reiterate what other posters have said. Perhaps Flashsidewaysville is a world where there is no evil threat to worry about. or maybe its worse there, and its all about to kick off in a big way. Which one it is (if its either) would effect whether the flash sideways are the original timeline (a prologue), or a new alternate epilogue timeline that Jack and co should try and make come true. It all comes down to what the Jughead-banging achieved, which I wouldn't like to put forward an opinion on as it makes my head hurt every time i think about it.

I guess we'll find out in about 8 weeks?

PS: I really wish Darlton would stop teasing us with canoe action, and get to the time-travelly gunfight already!!

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