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Black Rock answers by billyjoe3362

Third post in three days, things just keep becoming a little clearer in my head.

After Ab Aeterno, people have been screaming from rooftops that there was a huge production error on the account of the arrival of the Black rock. And rightly so, after all first time we see it it is in the morning on a clear day, the next time we see it is it in the middle of the night and it is storming.

Is it possible that it really is a production error? Possibly. but there are two alternatives.

The first one, i have heard similar theories. Maybe the scene on the beach where Jacob and MiB see the Black Rock is what it looked like from the islands perspective. If you remember in season 4, the freighter was outside the radius and it was a different time than on the island. There have been a few instances where the radius of the island is crosses and either the eather or time of day changes.

The only flaw in this theory is if they entered the radius of the island then it would have become calm, and it would be that morning.

This theory is very possible, or at least some variant of this theory

My second theory actually not only solves this production error, but another surrounding the black rock. In The Constant, we found out that the ship left Portsmouth, England in 1845. The ship is then reported lost at sea in 1847.

Heres what could have happened. The arrival of the black rock in 1867 was NOT the first time the ship appeared at the island. The first time it did was at some point around 1847, the scene where Jacob and MiB are sitting on the beach. Afterwards Jacob let the ship leave, and later used it to bring back more people to the island.

IS it also possible that Magnus Hanso was working for Jacob? Its possible, but the one thing i couldn't connect was why would the crew suddenly become panicked when they crash on the island. Its possible Magnus Hanso had died durng the crash and he was the only one who has previously been to the island.

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