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Pass The Wine! by Joy In Repetition

The image of MIB smashing the wine bottle has got me thinking. I wonder if MIB was once in the position of Ricardus and heard that same analogy from Jacob about the cork, hell, and wine?

I'm sure there are much better methods that the MIB uses to relieve stress other than smashing a wine bottle. Who doesn't like wine? It seemed much more personal in the way Lost presented that shot.

Perhaps the MIB is someone who also was brought to the island by Ol' Jake. Just maybe a little sooner than the rest of the lucky ones. But that would also change a few assumptions we've had about the "there's always been two sides" matter.

I think it's a possibility that this scenario could have occurred. It's at least worth thinking about the possibilities once you consider MIB was brought there as well like everyone else. Maybe that's why it's such a big deal to "go home." Also, maybe there is someone Jacob answers to that we have not caught wind of yet. Not a fresh theory, by any means, but the reaction to being given the wine bottle would correlate this possibility. It opens up a lot.

Or, maybe the MIB is just not a big drinker.

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