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I have been thinking. We are so focused in choosing sides, pointing fingers in one another but like I have been saying - it is all in perception.

What if they are both good? What if they are both on the same side? In same mess? One believes..because its a leap of faith. The other is tired. He wants out. Jacob vs MiB. Locke vs Jack. It is so obvious.
Have you ever wondered why Locke needed Jack to push the button with him? Why not Sayid, Hurley, Kate? Why was he so persistent that its Jack he should do it with? Push the button, protect the island..
"Its a leap of faith Jack"

We witnessed the parallel conversations.

On the beach
Jack: "Any ships?"
Locke: "No, but I am patient"

In the jungle
Jack: "Its an island John, nobody needs to protect it"
Locke: "Its not an island Jack"

In the hatch
Locke: "Why do you find it so hard to believe?"
Jack: "Why do you find it so easy?"
Locke: "Its never been easy!"

Both Jack and John were on the same side. And both of them were right..from their own perspective. For Jack it was just an island..For Jack it was just a button..a mind game. He never wanted to become a slave. He believed it was all a joke. Locke however was prepared to die for that joke.
So far we know that Locke was right...but at the end Jack could end up being right too. Because it is a game. A very harsh mind game.
I believe that the same thing is going on in the lives of MiB and Jacob. They are brothers or very very close friends. They trust each other. And they are working together.

What if MiB and Jacob are on the same side? Both good. Against a third entity.
But one of them is more powerful than the other. That one would be MiB. His presence on the island is needed. And he needs to be protected. But he got tired and he wants out. And don't forget the rules. Rules we are not familiar with.
So Jacob traps him in order to protect him....until he finds a way to set them both free. Because I think they are trapped...like Jack and John were in the hatch. No Desmond to push the button. No way of the island. One believes that button needs to be pushed. The other has no other choice but to trust him. Until one day they find a substitute or the button never gets pushed.
Thats exactly what Jacob is doing..trying to find a substitute. He tells MiB that one day he will find a candidate that could replace him...but Mib has given up because people are corrupted and flawed. They come and they fight. They are selfish. And ages passed with no candidate. Perhaps acording to rules there is only one. That one would be Jack Shepard.
If MiB is evil incarnate why turn him into a Smoke Monster that is even deadlier than a human being? Why not kill him? Because thats a lie. A long con. Shame on the Others.
Jacob can die. But MiB can't. Or maybe he can..by third entity. And if he dies, with none to replace him, then the whole world is doomed. So Jacob lied to others that MiB is evil incarnate..so they would help him. He pulled together with Mib a long con on everyone.
My guess Jacob witnessed something that MiB didn't. And he is trying to reach him...but MiB refuses to trust him.
Its a leap of faith MiB...shame on you. :)

Some things are very ambiguous...
01. Jacob "healed" Locke /he did, none survives that fall/
02. Locke was MiBs ticket that killed Jacob
03. Jacob brought Sayid to the island
04. Sayid is infected /roaming the island with MiB/
05. IMO when Jacob said: "They are coming" he warned MiB /perhaps he means their true enemies are coming, or the last recruits...and after that the freedom is theirs
06. The island came to MiB in form of Jacob as a remembrance of his baby brother/or his childhood friend..it is hitting his weakest spot like I have been saying in my theory "Solaris" that the island in fact is the one playing their deepest thoughts and emotions against them.
07. both Jacob and MiB despise Ben /and the scene from The Incident looked like a stage play...a great manipulator gets manipulated..I bet they both enjoyed it very much..a lie was told in the foot-"In a manner of speaking"..really? They have known each other at least for 200 years..Jacob knew he has to die..Mib went through a lot to be there..Ben is their ticket out..so Jacob and MiB together hit his weakest spot..they provoked him because Jacob needed to die for their plan to work/
08. MiB as Smoke Monster protected Locke, Sawyer and Co. in Dharmaville...why would he do that? He could've killed loads of candidates right there..and don't tell me he is trapped etc. He still is. "What I am James is trapped, and I've been trapped for so long I don't even know what it feels like to be free"

And I also think that Mib borrowed Lockes body / I wonder what happens to John Locke once MiB finds his body? My guess John becomes the new Smoke Monster...trapped. And Jack will with no doubt become a new Jacob...Sawyer perhaps a new Richard and we have ourselves Brand New Others.
The two of them, Jack and Locke, will get tired of the island and start playing a new game of chess with some new candidates few centuries later...
Why else would Jacob be searching for candidates this long...long long before his death? They are both trying to escape...Jacob and MiB...from who...or what that is the question...the island perhaps?
There are rules. That can't be broken.
The rules of gaining their freedom and in order to get free they need to find a suitable candidates. They found one. His name is John Locke. Jacob is guiding the Other.
An inside joke with the stones in the cave is interesting. It seems like a deal: "whoever comes first should throw a stone" and that would be a hint to the other one..
The end will not be an epic battle between the good and evil. That is a red herring. The end will be on the beach...Jack and John..one in light one in dark..
John: how on earth will we find suitable candidates when you broke that mirror into a thousands of pieces?
Jack: Want some fish?

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