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Short & Sweet, I'm having trouble with the growing theory that the ALT world takes place after, or is caused by what happens at the end of this seasons on Island events.

I wasn't sure why, but my issue with it had nothing to do with the sinking, or Jughead, or the time difference, or any of that, but rather,,,,,

That would make ALT the end of the story.

Yeah I know that doesn't sound bad in and of itself, but unless you think the major payoff for the entire show is going to happen off Island in a new timeline, and be better than the huge battle/ major reveal/ gigantic twist/ heroic death/ etc that we know is going to happen on island, then the ALT couldn't possibly serve as some sort of epilouge to the series.

Basically I'm saying that I know something cool will happen at the end of the ALT storyline, but that what's happening on Island will be bigger and more important to the overall story, and so therefore the Island stuff has to be the end of the series, not the ALT stuff.


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