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Hey all! This may seem a little late in coming, but I had a crazy dream last night about exploding freighters and a large inflatable moose, so my interest was rekindled.

This may have been suggested by a GAJILLION fans before me, but I tend to see the mainstream "UH.... WHAT!?" more often than I see hardcore fans with semi-legit theories, so my bad if that's the case. I had fun writing it anyway so enjoy.

Alright, so, really simple idea:

When the freighter's doctor was killed, he showed up on the island several hours before he died on the freighter due to CRAZY TIME FLUXES BETWEEN THE ISLAND AND THE FREIGHTER.

When Jin jumped off the freighter, the island disappeared moments later. People flying on a fast moving helicopter didn't make it back, but somehow Jin did! Crazy, right?


Jin was privy to the CRAZY TIME FLUXES and somehow made it back to the island earlier in the day. He was within range of the island as the time jumps started and was picked up by Rousseau's people several jumps later.

He survived by a combination of his ability to be awesome and the fact that THE ISLAND WOULDN'T LET HIM DIE. Because seriously, he's been floating around for how long now? 3 or 4 days? All of the first four episodes of season five at least.

Alternatively (and this is a little more nonsensical) he made it to the island later in the day or week due to CRAZY TIME FLUXES. Later in the day being AFTER the island jumped. Yeah it's a little crazy, but when you're discussing time travel, everything is a little crazy.

I mean, the doctor was both alive AND dead for a period of time. Why couldn't Jin be both exploding on a freighter and being picked up by the French team?

I like my first idea better.

Anyway, no more OMG LOST MAKES NO SENSE in this particular situation, m'kay? They set up a precedent in the doctor's death. It isn't like they said "Oh... Uh... Let's save Jin... . Instead it should read more like "Alright, the CRAZY TIME FLUXES were used for the doctor SO JIN CAN DO IT TOO .

The end!

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