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Love makes the world go round, doesn't it?

I know you all hate theories related to "the love triangle", but I found out an interesting one.

At first, some points of view from our three Losties:

Jack - wants to stay on the island and he realised Jacob is right. It looks like Jack knows what he is doing now.

James - he is desperate to walk away, for sure. He has lost Juliet and now he will do anything to leave.

Kate - and yeah, here we have a big question, what will Kate do? All these titles: Tabula Rasa, Whatever the Case May Be, Born To Run, I Do, Left Behind, Eggtown, TLP, Whatever Happened, Happened, What Kate Does, What Kate Did - look interesting to me now. The most important question will be: What will Kate do?

Do you know the answer?

I think she has to choose. Between Jack and James. To stay or to go? To live or to die? This won't be a conventional end of the love story. And I will take the risk: this decision will play an important part at the end of the whole story.



Live together, die alone. I'd say this is the best quote from the show.

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