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Ever wonder what the whole Balcony Accident was all about with Hurley? Yeah, me too.

And I always assumed we'd see it in time, but with the show winding down I'm not sure,,,, HOWEVER!

Can we not assume that Jacob was the cause of this accident?

First of all we know he led Kate & Sawyer down their paths of self loathing, and Hurley was quite probably more down on himself than anybody, save Locke. So for Jacob to have interfered in Hurley's life to cause that accident is more than completely within the realm of the current story.

And what about the subtext of Hurley's story in the ALT? A happy? Lucky? Hurley? Hummmmmmmm. Well what caused Hurley's misfortune in the Main Timeline. It was the numbers, which he got from Santa Rosa, where he was located because he was depressed, because,,,,,,,,,,,, he felt guilty over the Balcony Accident. So with no Jacob presumably working in the ALT, the accident didn't happen, and Hurley's life was just peachy. That seems to be a pretty cut and dry deduction.

So is Hurley going to figure this out? Did he not see Jack's house in the mirror and wonder how Jacob had interferred in his own life?

More importantly, what is Jacob doing? He's responsible for killing a number of people off island, in order to facilitate getting Hurley to the island? What's up with that? How can that be the work of a good person?

I suppose that's what I'm asking here. How can that make Jacob good? Now I'm a Jacob fan, and I think he is good, but there's a number of sticking points for me, like this one.

The most interesting thought for me though, is by trying to deduce who is good, you realize that to stand for good, leaves you needing to commit acts you don't feel comfortable with. It's akin to the idea that "to secure peace is to prepare for war." Nobody likes war clearly, but dreaming of a world were it complete doesn't exist is probably naive and dangerous. Another line that fits this is that "Naive wishing for peace is the surest way to encourage and aggressor."

And what all that means is that Jacob likely feels that some of these terrible acts, like killing people on a balcony, are necessary to prevent a more terrible outcome than if it didn't happen.

In a completely different theory, but one with mirroring logic, I think that's what Jack is now going to have to do. He has to make a choice like that, one that involves sacrafice, and one that he wouldn't normally make, but he'll do it in the interest of the greater good. That's what his character has been struggling with, from his desire to fix, to his reluctance to let Boone go, to his obsession with keeping his relationship with Kate intact and then not able to cope with their seperation. Jack was broken, because he hasn't understood that in order to fix, he's going to have to destroy.

And wait,,,, that goes well with the idea of the Others that you had to kill your father in order to advance. Doesn't Jack have daddy issues? And you know Christian Shephard has to pop back up somewhere, whether he's smokey or not. That coffin wasn't empty for nothing, which they bothered to reinforce.


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