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Lucifer v. Michael = Jacob v. MIB by ramlaw1997

The Lost final season is really becoming representative of the war in heaven fought by the angels. Although our instinct would be to pick MIB as Lucifer and Jacob as Michael, the "Sundown" episode mandates a role reversal.

Historically, Lucifer after having been cast out of heaven continued to recruit and build his army through the offering of temptation and "bargains" with candidates. We now know that Jacob is the one that tempted fate, tempted candidates, and even offered bargains as temptation (i.e. save my son and I will go to the island never to see him again). Therefore, he is really serving the role of lucifer.

Alternatively, Archangel Michael would wage war against lucifer and his minions but offer redemption and salvation predicated on faith (i.e. MIB to the temple residents, leave the temple and come with me and have faith in me or feel my wrath).

The use of black and white is used to contrast good and evil, however, we must not get caught up in conventional belief that white ALWAYS represents GOOD and black ALWAYS represents EVIL.

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