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Eloise Hawking works for MIB by MIBdaMan

This is my first port on this site. I've been reading most of the theories for the past three weeks and haven't come across what I am going to say. I think Eloise Hawking works for MIB because she insisted Jack to take Locke's body along with something that belongs to Jack's father. I am not sure if her only intention is to recreate the original crash scenario because she was ok when the other losties (most importantly Desmond) did not agree to go back to the island. She did this so that MIB could take over Locke's body and hence find the loophole to kill Jacob (through Ben) . I think the loophole is not MIB influencing Ben but it is MIB being in locke's body. This is because Jacob says "You found your loophole" immediately after seeing MIB in locke's body along with Ben as soon as they enter the cave.

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