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The second iteration by evolver

This is my first theory here, and I try to make it short. I dont know if this has been discussed here either, if so I hope you dont mind to enlighten me on what your conclusions were then.

Here it goes:

I think "alt Timeline" is the original timeline, and the one we've seen in the past 5 seasons is the second iteration. I think that at some point this season we will see a (catastrophic?) event take place in the Alt (which is the original timeline) which our lead stars decide to change. This by going back in time and change the course of actions. It could also be that its not the original crew that decide to go back, it could also be Jacob.

Anyhow, no matter who does that the second iteration involves sacrifice to their lifes, meaning the changes in Jacks life prevent him (or his wife) from having David, Ben being found of Alex is reflected in him attracted to Alex and thus stealing her to raise her as his own daughter on the island, Dogen to have to sacrifice his son.

I dont think they are 100% aware of it in the "new" iteration, but it affects them to a certain degree. Jacks alcohol addiction might come from his sorrow for example.

I havent elaborated this theory more than this at the moment, but please feel free to reply with your thoughts and feedback.

Yours truly,
The evolver

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