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Can't help but notice that on-island decisions seem to be impacting charcters' redemption arc in the alternate reality.

This week, we saw Ben repent on island, and essentially right the on-island wrong against Alex (not that a letter of recommendation really justifies letting your daughter be killed). But point being that Ben put his personal drive for power aside on Alex's behalf.
No accident, I think, that Ben has signed up with Team Jacob.

Think, too, of Jack who seemed to find redemption with his son in the ALT. And this week, we see Jack coming to terms on island with the fact that Jacob has plan for him.

Of course, Hugo has reversed his luck and seems firmly on the side of Team Jacob.

Contrast that with Sayid, co-captain of Team Locke, who fails to find redemption in the ATL. He still kills Keamy even when he has a chance to let him go. Could that be connected to his decision to sign up with Locke?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, once we get a better sense of sideways Sawyer, Claire, Kate -- and a better sense of their on-island choices. But regardless of which one is ultimately shown to be the cause, and which the effect, I think there is a connection between the characters' on-island decisions and their ATL fate.

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