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I'm not sure if something similar has been posted before, but here are my thoughts on the repercussions of the on island events on the outside world, and how it will determine the fate of man kind.

It is no mystery that the show has always been heavily influenced by religion, as we're constantly being dealt analogies to biblical figures and verses, along with the constant struggles of the losties questioning their morality.. what is right, and what is wrong? I believe this is the overall theme of the show, and we'll find out that the island is god's testing ground for mankind, and the result of what is to come will determine the fate of all of mankind.

Jacob and MIB (Esau, Unlocke, etc..) were tasked by god with a mission, to determine if mankind is worthy of living on this planet. The rules allows Jacob and MIB to have a certain amount of influence on the candidates, but ultimately the candidates have the free will to make their own decisions. Jacob is set out to prove that the human kind is worthy, while MIB is convinced, or even tasked, with proving that they are not. If one of the candidates does not make the decision to sacrifice their own wants and desires by the time they are all killed off, then the world ends, an Apocalypse. If the sacrifice is made, then the game is over and the island disappears forever, or the candidate becomes the new Jacob, and the TEST starts over again, for the next generations to follow to prove their worthiness (human kind is tested every 200 years or so...).

Most of the candidates have off island desires, and will ultimately fail (Sawyer wants to go home, Sun/Jin have Je Yeon, Claire has Aaron, etc...). They are convinced by MIB that they can have whatever they desire, and choose that over their faith in the island. I believe Jack will able to see "through the looking glass", and realize that he could have a son, but decides to make that sacrifice for the island, thus proving the worthiness of mankind, and their dedication to the island (god). He will prevent the apocalypse. From there, either the island disappears, or Jack becomes the next Jacob, and oversees the TEST for the coming generations, who will once again have to prove that faith will overcome any personal desires.

I also believe there is a bloodline, and substitutes are allowed. I believe Christian Shepard may have actually been the intended candidate, but since he didn't make it to the island alive, Jack was his substitute. This could explain why Jacob was watching his childhood house, watching both him AND his father. Hence why there are only last names listed. This could also explain some of the biblical and historical last names, as the original candidates were selected from the beginning, and the candidate position ended up passing down from generation to generation until a person from that bloodline made it to the island. Shepard, Littleton, etc...

What lies in the shadow of the statue is the one who will save us all? The body of Locke was present in the shadow. Through his death, and his push to convince Jack, a man of science, to believe in faith/fate, Locke saved mankind. Never before has their been an influence on a candidate like Locke had on Jack. It was the relationship between Locke and Jack that in the end, will save mankind..

This would also play into the belief that both Jacob and MIB aren't either good or bad, but are part of a test that was directed to them by a higher up. MIB doesn't care about the fate of man, he just wants to go home, which may be in fact be heaven.


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