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FLocke tells Sawyer "I was once a man, just like you." I believe this. Flocke is someone who at some time in the distant past came to the island, perhaps with Jacob, perhaps not, and experienced a dose of the power held at bay by the Swan much like Desmond did. I think Jacob also at some time came to the island and experienced a dose as well. The only difference between them and Desmond is they experienced a much larger dosage. A Billion times more, perhaps even higher. This made them into almost godlike beings.
Now Jacob can time travel, and do much like Desmond does, on a much larger scale, and I believe also manifest himself as a creature made of smoke. He can shift into new bodies, take the form of dead people (as long as they are not buried), and also can be his used to be human form. Same, probably exactly the same, for MIB

Now this begs the question, why then is Jacob good and MIB evil, or at least further along in the scale for both sides. Well, it's just like Dogen said to Sayid, in every man is a scale, between good and evil, and our choices (free will) define how far along either end we are. MIB is more dark because he has made evil choices, we will come to see, I am sure, that many of these choices he made because of some things Jacob did. As well as his own personal paradigm of belief.

It is not the power that makes one evil, it is the innate nature they have built up in themselves by choices, from the tabula rasa, the blank slate, to what they are now.

Jacob cannot really be defined as ultimate good, as also MIB cannot be defined as ultimate evil, they are really just men, who one is tipped further into the darkness than the other. Desmond shows that you can have the power, but not be evil with it. He is doing good things. He is special for this.

Anyone that comes to the island experiences an exposure to the power a little bit. They have to be monitored, watched, tested. If any show signs of evil, they are infected, and must be killed. The power itself can be like the Force, and it is not that the dark side itself is innately evil, but it is tempting.

With great power comes great responsibility, a guy who likes to dress up as a spider once said.

Children especially are more prone to manifest abilities, for they have less paradigm to go through before experiencing faith.

Makes me think that Jacob and MIB probably came to the island as children.

Jacob has come to believe that men have the right to hold the power, and is watching through Time withh his little mirror to pick candidates he thinks could have the power and be leaders.

The MIB on the other hand has become more cynical

So they devised a game to prove to the other that humanity deserves the power. I think we're going to see that we in the end, don't.

So what is going to happen? Well, someone is going to have to protect the island. Maybe by sticking it underwater. Time will shift, things will course correct, and we will probably see that the ATL has been the epilogue all along. This will be bittersweet, because we will see that while the Losties have their old lives back, they still have trouble, danger, and even given in to bad things. They get to go on being human though, and living a normal life. And in the end, that is all we all can hope for.

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