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Smoke monster and MIB by jonno394

Ok, after watching the most recent episode, Ab Aeterno, the relationship between the Smoke Monster and the MIB has now become a bit confusing. Since the start of season 6, we have now safely assumed that Flocke/MIB is the smoke monster. The character himself has stated this, as did the MIB in Richards Flashback.

Now, this is where it gets confusing. While Richard is locked in Chains on the boat, he is approached by his dead wife. Who can appear as dead entities? The MIB. Jacob stated to Richard that she was not really his wife, and since Jacob does not interact in this manner, it is safe to assume that Isabella was actually a manifestation of the MIB, something he has done previous times with Mr Ekos brother, Christian.......

However, while Richard is speaking to his "wife", we clearly see and hear the smoke monster above the ship. If I recall, this would be the first time in the show that a manifestation of a dead character has been seen at the same time as the smoke monster? How is this possible? There are a few possible theories:

1)Isabella was actually a manifestation of Jacob (note the white clothes)

2)Isabella was a manifestation of MIB who now seems to have the power to appear at the same time as smoke and a dead person.

3)Isabella was a manifestation of MIB who is a separate entity to the smoke monster, leading to their existence on the ship at the same time.

I am leaning towards option 3, when we first encountered the smoke monster, it scanned Richard, decided it could not kill him and left him be. Why then did it take so long for the MIB to appear and begin his con if he was smokie?

M'eh, I don't know, just a couple of thoughts that popped up into my head. I myself hope they are different entites, as for god knows how long, the smoke monster has been referred to as a security system. Why then would the MIB be referred to as this if he is what Jacob and everyone on the island have been preventing from being released?

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