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The Resurrection of Jacob by BringBackWalt

A friend had me thinking about Jacob's death and what the future is for our losties, and after watching this episode, I think we have come up with a good theory. There may be parts from others', but humor me.

Fact: Ben has killed John Locke and now Jacob. (A side question: Why could Ben stab Jacob with a knife and he die, but Sayid couldn't kill Flocke?)

Thought: The next episode will be the 3rd day after Jacob was killed. I believe that on the third day, he will rise again. This is parallel to Jesus' resurrection 3 days after his death.
I think that somehow, Locke's body will be taken out of its grave, and will come to life again. Could Jacob take the form of Locke, and we have both Jacob and MIB in Locke's body?

How will it happen? Hmm... I believe that this could be the redemption we have been waiting for for Ben. He has killed both of these people, and so he needs to sacrifice himself, asking forgiveness for his sins, and out of his ashes the new Jacob will rise.

This is where the "Last Supper" advertisement comes into play. We have Locke sitting in the middle of the table, with both "sides" of the army surrounding him. Perhaps Locke is actually both MIB and Jacob?

The war we have been waiting for has begun, and it is lead by Locke from both ends. Just an idea!

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