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The O'Henry Twist by Mr_Friendly

Watching Sundown, FLock/MIB says to Sayid that he could give him what he wants, and Sayid reminds us that all he wanted is dead. Cut to the flash-sideways and we see Sayid and Nadia is alive... but she is with another.

On the Island, Dogan tells us his story, we hear that he saved his son in trade for never being able to see him again.

I think that once the sides have all been chosen, the flash-sideways will be what they walked away with... Jack sides with Jacob/light, and he gets a way to solve his father issues, with his own son... Sayid sides with MIB/Dark and he gets Nadia just out of his grasp, and he can't escape his attempt to leave violence behind... Locke sides with/becomes MIB, and he seemingly has a better life, his father and he aren't estranged, Helen is there and yet he is still paralyzed.

And Hurley, who has long been speculated to be more than he seems, he has the same life he had, but things seem to be prosperous for him.

The flashes are the rewards/punishments doled out to the Losties in regards to how they have chosen in the coming war.

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