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The New Game Changer by Melvie

Are Jacob and the Man in Black one and the same? I mean, they’re obviously two different identities, but are they split from the same nucleus?

As Dogen explained, every person is both good and evil, it’s just the direction in which they tilt that defines them. Is this moment of exposition a bigger clue to the end game of this story?

One could argue, especially after SUNDOWN (6X06), that all of the Losties fit into this groove, one way or the other.

Is that what we’re coming to? I don’t necessarily mean the big picture of things, but to a point, are we looking at the characters we’ve been watching for six years as coming to either a black or white? Is that what Jacob’s master-manipulative plan has always been – to pick the few variables amongst the billions of constants, of which, even then, only a couple have the highest potential to be on “his side?”

Are Hurley and Jack the most likely to not be dissuaded, and that’s why Jacob wants them so far away from the Temple? Or is it they’re the most likely to be persuaded, and he wanted them so far away for the same reason?

I don’t want to think that Dogen just sent Sayid out to a death march for the hell of it; that maybe part of him thought he could actually accomplish the task for which he was set to fulfill. As a candidate, doesn’t that make Sayid, amongst the others on the list, a wildcard? ie, someone who’s path cannot be determined?
The Man in Black must have seen Sayid this way, and especially as a big “oh, you’re gonna play it like that?” to Jacob, figures any and all six of these people are up for grabs.

I’m guessing from Kate’s and MiB’s shocked reactions to one another that since Austin wasn’t officially listed as a “number,” Kate has become a variable amongst variables, and in all honesty, that’s a refreshing plot twist this year considering Lost has been long regarded as a “boy’s only club” with its fans.

Knowing the people that I know that are into Lost, it isn’t simply a show about time travel or escapism. Lost does things to a person – I’ve felt it firsthand; I’ve seen it firsthand. It takes an average person saying “WTF are you talking about?!” when you’re trying to explain why they should watch to the very next week when they’re saying “WTF is up with the Hurley Bird?!”

I can say, without a doubt, that Lost, in my mind (speaking as a fan of The Sopranos, The X-Files, Seinfeld, The Simpsons and The Office) is the best thing to ever hit our TV screens. If you know the true history behind Lost’s “Genesis” (watch the Season 1 DVD bonus features to start with), you’ll know it was a lightning-in-a-bottle type event that cannot be fabricated nor duplicated.>

During the last ten minutes of SUNDOWN, I got that sort of “game-changer” vibe I first felt when watching the Season 3 finale “Through The Looking Glass.” As in, everything we’ve seen up to this point is about to flip. It felt, for lack of a better word, EPIC!

I gotta feel that the ALT world isn’t the end-all, be-all of things. One could argue that the last five seasons were a build up for why the ALT world has to happen (ie, they effed up, now this is their chance for redemption), but these aren’t even the same people we’re watching in the ALT. Through Dogen’s exposition on-island, we know(?) he was manipulated into coming to the island for the greater good. This main story line cannot be simply dismissed. I feel like if it were, it would mean Jacob’s alteration of what would have been, had he never intervened, would have resulted in the main story being a “what could have been” versus the other way around.

Jacob’s intervention is a result of all of these characters (Arzt, Keamy, Nadia and Hurley’s psychic/temp worker included) having a cosmic connection that Jacob, through the course of hundreds of years and countless iterations, finally discovered.

This can’t just be a throwaway.

Or can it? If MiB is just another part of the shared nucleus that is Jacob, what if he believes his actions are as good as his counterpart?

What if Lost ends with the viewer having to decide what side they themselves are on – Black or White?

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