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Theory on Theories by Jack's Scar

I started this season thinking that the answers to all of the mysteries were already revealed in clues from past episodes. Then we're introduced to new characters and even three new locations (one of which was mentioned in previous episodes), and I stopped looking for answers to the questions or trying to theorize what the island is, who Jacob is, what is the magic box, or why does christian wear sneakers.

My theory is that the answers haven't been shown to us and the ending is going to be some kluge. Why introduce new characters
this late in the game? If the Losties hadn't seen blonde boys running around the island for three years, then why should they now? If they hadn't seen the lighthouse after roaming or sailing around the island for three years, why should they now?

I think the answer is that with so much speculation about the show's true meaning the writers have to keep throwing distractions at the audience until the last episodes so they can have their a-ha moment. But this comes at the expense of leaving many questions unanswered and many character's stories unfinished.

Ben who should be front and center in this final season won't get any meaningful dialogue until next week which is episode 7.
If his knowledge of the island and his machinations in relation to the Losties meant anything, he would be a central figure this year. However, he's an after-thought. Instead Dogen, who didn't know who the Losties were when they showed up at the temple. was shown to be the one to have deep knowledge of the island. So I reiterate, most of what you was important to the story isn't.

The flashes Sideways is the proof that everything you thought you knew is irrelevant because everything is different. Anything from previous episodes can be changed. So half of the season has no absolute connection from episodes past. I hope there is a way for Darlton to meaningfully connect what we're seeing now but if I had to theorize, I wouldn't theorize. It would just be based off of my own speculation. And since I'm not a staff writer, it's meaningless.

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