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WOW, some of these questions I'm seeing posted are absolutely bizarre, esspecially when they're being formatted to make the point that the show is coming up short. Before I answer some of the more trivial issues that are driving some of you up the wall, I'll be blunt. This season is being well crafted. If you don't like it because you sat in your basement for 9 months eating mac & cheese, and composing your own ending for the show which isn't coming to pass, then please go review my Trilogy Syndrome post, because you're suffering from a terminal case of it.

Now, let's take some questions, all of them minute in scope, and break them down, beginning with the most recent.

(Could the Black Rock knock down Tawaret?)
A: For those who are up on a soap box that this couldn't happen, don't forget that accompanying the Black Rock was a 200 ft high wall of water. Do yourself a favor, go out to Sand Diego, or Hawaii during surf season and try to stand upright as a 20 ft. high way crashes over you. Or just carry around a 10 gallon jug of water. You'll realize quickly that water is heavy, and that's what knocked the statue down. Case closed.

(Was the ship in The Incident the Black Rock?)
A: Does it matter? Seriously, does it matter? That being said, it was clearly a tease of the Black Rock, so on that basis alone, why wouldn't it actually be the Black Rock? Yes we know other people came to the island before, but we're not going to be introduced to a new group, so justifying it as being another ship brings you back to the question, why would that matter? It's quite easy to see that they arrived at night in Ab Aeterno, and in The Incident it was morning time, and so it just took the ship all day to reach shore from the horizon, and by that time a store had swept up. But again, either way, does it matter? Case Closed.

(Didn't the Destruction of the Statue Impact the ability to bare children on island?)
A: Who said that? Sure it's a good theory, but do we know that? And does Ethan's birth later prove this theory wrong? Don't get your panties in a bunch over this one, I'm sure it'll work out.

(How did the Black Rock Journal make it off the Island?)
A: A few people are in a panic as to how the journal could have made it to the auction in time for Widmore to buy it, if the entire crew save Richard was killed. Alright Seriously? You're worried about this? Anybody could have rescued it from the boat later. Jacob, MIB, who we know was there, the US Military, or somebody else Jacob brought. Horace hadn't heard of the Black Rock in '77, but he sure could have found it, and perhaps the book, after The Incident. A million possibilities exist here. Case Closed.

(How is it that Jacob knew that MIB wanted to kill him in the Incident, but was suprised at MIB's attempt in Ab Aeterno?)
A: Put yourself in Jacob's shoes. You stole the girlfriend of this guy who says, "By the way I want to kill you," and you say, "Yeah I know." Then the next day he pulls out a knife and lunges at you, and you say "WOH!!! You're trying to kill me!!" Get it? You would still be suprised when a person actually attempts the act, because you took the threat with at least a small grain of salt. And this isn't to mention the goal of the writers to build suspence in The Incident, while being more forthcoming in Ab Aeterno, thus leading to a different intent of the dialouge. There's no issue with this whatsoever.

Alright and I'll stop. These are just some issues that came up recently which a decent portion of some readers out there seem to be having great trouble either accepting or wrapping their minds around. And I really hope that the "I hate this, or that doesn't make sense," banter dies down, because it all seems good to me.

I truly hope that you can read this and take some of these issues more lightly, or just be imaginative and fill in your own resolution with some room to allow the real answer if it's given. Don't get so wrapped up in your own conclusion though, because you're not a professional writer, and even if you are, this is their story, not yours, and if they want Jacob to be the mastermind behind Cheetos they can do it. Just go with the flow.


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