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One more on MIB and Christian by Daniel

I've been reading a lot of theories about Christian, and there is something that is bothering me.

When there was the reveal of MIB back in The Incident, most people tought that he was the smoke monster (proven correct) and all the "ghosts" on island. this of course included Christian Shepard.

but, as Iliana said I believe in The Substitute, MIB is now stuck on Locke´s "body", or simply he just cant change shapes anymore, right? that means that as soon Ajira flight landed MIB is Locke. But back in Dead is Dead I think, the smoke monster turned into Alex to tell Ben to faollow whatever instructions Locke gives him. How did the smoke monster changed into Alex? Isnt he stuck on Locke's body? Or is Iliana wrong?
Also, when Sun and Frank get to the barracks and find Christian, Locke/MIB appears soon after.
So here I'm assuming that Iliana isn't wrong, she seems to have been trained by Jacob himself, so I'm sure that if she says that MIB can't shapeshift anymore I believe her.
So, that leaves the question of what Christian is, and how did the smoke monster turned into Alex.
I've always thought about the fact that the show actually begins with Christian sending Vincent to wake up Jack. (as seen on the missing pieces hope this doesnt count as spoiler!).
it's him that starts the motion of the events to come. so I believe that Christian is NOT the MIB and that he is actually JACOB's right hand and has been from a long time. And I think that has benn the task of the Shephard family always.
but a actually can't explain MIB turning into Alex.....
any ideas?

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