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LOST is all about LOVE by GavinAlpert

The constant broke it open. That’s what these two worlds are. Desmond was flashing between two different worlds. One where Penny didn’t exist, and one where she did. He needed his constant, his love, to zap him back into reality. He stuck into the island world because that’s where his constant was alive. I believe the losties all need their constants. Lost is all about love. Everyone has a significant other. Jack, Kate. Sawyer, Juliet. Hurley, Libby. Claire, Charlie. Locke, Hellen. Sayid, Nadya. Jin, Sun. All the woman are getting killed off in the island world. Libby, Juliet, Nadya, and I have a feeling Sun may be next. Something tells me Kate will have to sacrifice herself in the island world in order to serve as Jack’s constant in the other world. When the people who lost significant others in the island world, run into those counterparts in the “alt” world, that will trigger som! e kind of memory a la the constant and our characters will be sucked into that world forever killing their island personality. You know we’re getting a Desmond episode sooner or later and I have a feeling it will go into more detail about this constant stuff and he will be a guide to help the other losties figure that out. But we will find out that Desmond doesn’t have Penny in this alt world. He’s just flashing there to guide the Losties. Desmond already found his constant in the Island world and that’s his normal world.

I think this why it’s so significant that the old actors have been coming back, and that may be why the writers led Sawyer into Juliet’s arms during the last season. This show, in a four letter word, is all about LOVE.

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