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Aarons and pregnancy on the Island by Just_Me

Just a few thoughts rolling around my head. Suppose that only someone born on the Island can replace smoke/locke, which would in fact "kill" him. Here's my reasoning (which may be a little muddled).

In order to have Good, you have to have Evil. You have to have Light in order to have Dark. Yin & Yang.

Aaron was the first child born on the Island in a long time (don't recall if it was ever established how long), but Claire was due anytime when they crashed, so had made it past the 2nd tri-mester.
During the "Oceanic 6" years, Kate had a dream that Claire told her "Don't you dare bring him back to the Island". That was during Claires feral years, being influenced by smoke/locke.
In the episode Recon smoke/locke tells Kate his story about his crazy mom, just to tell her that now "Aaron has a crazy mother".
Jacob realizes that he will need a replacement at some point. Smoke/Locke doesn't want a replacement, he just wants to leave his prison. He may have done something to cause the pregnancies to end in death to keep this from happening.
Havn't really delved into this theory very far, but perhaps some of you with a few more working grey matter cells can expound on it.

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