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the old story (1) by zachom

First of all that is not my theory but i like it so i want to discuss with other people


in Islam there is a family (may be in Egypt,Israel,near India) will get a boy , that boy will be the Antichrist (it is fate),then when he grow up he will be domed and will be trapped to an island (there is speech in Islam about 31 sailor they met him in an island

so let me check there some people know that it is fate that he will come in the end and he will fight all the world,,so let me think of two groups one believe in him and prepare the world for him ,yes by money building , big abilities will be ready when he will be free.
the other group think that they can keep him in a circle of time so they will delay the end and they will fight fate.

so the family of that boy know that he is the Antichrist ,his mother think about how to finish him ,his father think about how to use all his power,but i think his mother with help with other people succeed to take him to the island and they start to be guardian to him not to go away,,and they start to the group which always remind the people of him and his dangerous.
his father start the other group which believe of him,,so there is war inside the island ,and outside the island,,,but what is the island???
it is special place prepared by god for him to be his prison,but also place which his energy will be more & more (it is fate).

both group is wrong because it is fate that he will go out,but only they play with time.

to be cont....

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