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My theory involves Locke Monster and the Flash Sideways. Sorry if these theories have been posted haven't read a lot yet this season.

I believe that the characters represented in the Sideways universe are the ones who ultimately go with Locke-assuming he wins the showdown- or "Jacob" if not. As Sayyid said "Jacob drives a hard bargain" and he confirmed he was offered a similar bargain. A bargain that allows Nadia to be alive but he cannot be with her. You can even hear the smoke monster 'clicking/creaking door' sound, as i call it, in "Sundown" when Sayyid takes out Keamy's crew, and in "Dr. Linus" when Locke suggests Ben should be principal, and "Recon" when Sawyer is confronted about 'Sawyer'. All of these instances represent the evil side of the character, though they are mostly "good", or at least somewhat better off, in the sideways they still have the evil in their balance as Dogen spoke about.

(I say Locke wins because of the sound representing MIB off island, as he said the island doesn't need protecting from him, he just wants to leave maybe he's not the bad guy but we shall see.)


I say DESMOND or SUN are the best bets to become the new Jacob. I favor Desmond and I say that for a few reasons. First of all "The Island isn't done with him" yet though we haven't even freakin SEEN him except for LAX, and he most definitely was NOT an original passenger on Oceanic 815! We also did not see him have a seat on that plane and then he disappears! He is the only one not represented in the alt timeline after the plane lands in LA.

And I say at least that Sun is the candidate though it could be both of the Kwan's as Jacob touched both of them and there is still a mystery candidate. But I say Sun because Jin was in Sayyid's alt sequence and that would go against my theory that the new Jacob does not go with Locke (even though MIB seems to have remarkably similar powers as Jacob did, maybe he is the new Jacob now that the old ones dead but doesn't want to be. He seemed to have the power to appoint Sawyer the leader in the cave and apparently can "speak for Jacob").

As for the Mystery candidate and the "only 6 left" i asssume Jarrah's name has been crossed out in the cave and at the Lighthouse. It was AFTER Ben informed Illana that Sayyid killed Dogen that she said there were 6 candidates left so i assume Jarrah's out. I like the theory that Aaron's one of the candidates or possibly Jacob but he is not on the island and Illana seems to be eluding that they are all on the Island. So besides Aaron and Sayyid I say all the Oceanic 6 are also candidates. Except for maybe Sun and obviously Sawyer because he stayed, and even had a leadership role in DHARMA.

They Oceanic 6 were also similar to the names the others had Michael retrieve from the beach camp in season forever-ago. SHEPPARD, FORD, REYES, and KATE. Weird that Sayid was not included then when Michael made such a big deal about him not going with them but that was so long ago maybe the writers hadn't thought of him yet. Then again neither of the Kwan's were on the list either. But I say Kate's definitely a candidate! Or possibly essential as an important motivating factor for Jack and Sawyer.

So we have as Candidates (My theory):
SUN (or Jin... or both) and either

I say Ben's still in because MIB knows only a candidate can become the new leader as he showed Sawyer his name in the cave. Unless he was just tricking Ben when he was digging his own grave for some reason again as he has definitely done before! (i.e. Appearing as Alex saying to do whatever Locke says, killing Jacob, etc.). I personally don't think he was tricking him, making his first off island sequence about Napolean having the title but no power. This would also support my theory that most end up leaving the Island... With Locke as part of some sort of Bargain.

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