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After reading several theories on this site...gave me some ideas...

1. The numbers make up the valenzetti equation...they represent some curse on mankind...
2. The earth will end unless these numbers can be changed
3. There are 6 numbers, 6 candidates...
4. each of these candidates represent some human archetype/sin
a. so Jack is man of science
b. sawyer is con_man/liar
c. Hurley - cursed/luck
d. Sayid is assassin
e. i need help figuring out the rest of them

5. So in the flash_sideways...the numbers have been unaltered and the earth is going to get destroyed...(the island is underwater and is unavailable)

6. The Island is the only place that the candidates can do something to change the numbers...maybe if Jack can change his number from 23 , to maybe 24 (man of science becomes man of faith), then the outcome if the world in flash sideways changes. Only free will can change the numbers/the values of the candidates...

7. The MIB is trying to prevent these numbers from changing by taking some of the candidates off the island.

8. Jacob obviously is trying to get them to stay. does one need all 6 candidate's numbers to change? or is one enough , or 4 enough? Beats me.

9. Widemore knows this, Ms Hawkings knows this too...they tried via dharma/The Others to influence the numbers but failed...typing in # every 108 minutes must affect this curse/equation in some way.

10.As long as MIB/Jacob are on island...there can be a rebirth...and earth resets...and the cycle continues...it all ends the same

11.But this time MIB found a loophole to this cycle...this time there will be no reset...Mankind is cursed, and some terrible event dooms mankind, MIB is free

12. But i think the numbers will be changed, and because of the loophole...the curse on mankind is over...the valenzetti equation is rendered useless, and the Island is no more

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