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First time posting a theory…long time reader yada, yada, yada….

Not sure if this theory has been posted before…yada, yada, yada...so I apologize in advance.

Here goes…

I believe MIB and Widmore are working on the same side.

These are my reasons….

Sawyer, when he got to the sub, only assumed Widmore wanted to kill MIB, he just started talking, and Widmore never really said anything to initiate his line of thinking, Widmore only agreed not to hurt his friends.

I believe that the Lockeless Monster sent Sawyer over there to test his loyalty only. MIB, in essence, was trying to RE-CON a con man, not for RECON purposes.

If you remember a few seasons ago Widmore, sent Kemy and sons to the island to have Ben REMOVED from the Island so that Widmore himself could come back to the Island. I would appear that for some reason or another Charles Widmore cannot step foot on the Island while Dr. Linus is on the Island, which is why he was still sitting in the sub while all his people were on the Island.

Also, if you noticed, MIB shows up to Ben telling Ben that he and his people are heading to the other Island right now and to “HURRY” to meet us over there. Yet when MIB and his people get to the shore, he and his people camped out for 3 days?

I believe MIB was walking Ben right into Widmore’s hands so that Ben could be removed from the Island and Widmore could once again inhabit the island to fight for MIB or maybe Charles Widmore WANTS to replace MIB.

Why else would the Man in Black leave his new tribe to go searching the island for Ben, he has plenty of people to leave behind and take his place or to “be in charge of the Island” as he told Ben.

Not to mention, Widmore, while in the sub, saw Ilana and crew on the beach and never once did he try to connect with them knowing they were on Jacob’s side.

All this being said, these are the reasons I personally believe MIB and Widmore are working together.


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