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Sideways=Reality by Alan

Ok so this might have already been a theory. If it has then I apoligize. My thought is this. What if the "sideways" world is in fact the future of the losties? We all know that the producers are going to throw a huge twist in here eventually. Before everyone starts jumping down my throat hear me out. I do realize that the "sideways" reality is set in 2004. Remember though we are involved in a show that feels free to time travel at will. What if we are watching what happens to the original cast as their lives reset?

Let's say we reach the end of the series and none of the canidates take the position. They some how find another way to end things. Their lives then reset into this other reality. They merge with their other selves. We have seen in each of the stories in "sideways" world were there seems to be a moment or two of confusion. Jack has a scar he doesn't rememeber for instance. What if this is actually the way things end up for them?

As Juliet was dying she stated that it worked. To sum it up... when they "die" on the island their soul is transfered to this other reality wich is in fact reality.

Just a thought. Don't really have the time to toatally get into the facts that could support this. Curious of your thoughts.

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