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Chaos Theory by PairO'Dice Lost


Here's my pet peeve, short and sweet. Everyone keeps talking about how important the Lostie’s choices are. But we are not watching rational decision making here are we? This is more random than that, more like chaos.

The most frustrating thing about the show Lost is how it mirrors what I hate most about politics. All the same BS. For instance, you are given choices to make, monumental choices where your decisions are imperative, but the information available about each of the options to choose from is all crap. All lies. Maybe. Or maybe it’s the truth. Partial truth? There’s no way to know. Voting for candidates is like rolling the dice, and that’s as true in politics as it is on Lost.

Educated guesses are the best we can do here in the real world, at least we can research the options we are given (assuming the research is truthful), but the Losties don’t have that opportunity. You either believe Ben, or Richard, or Jacob, or Flocke, etc… or you don’t, it’s as simple as that. The flip of a coin. The roll of the dice. Maybe the show’s game is more like backgammon than I thought. When Flocke was telling James that after Jacob touched him, the choices he thought were his own were not, that sounded like a slice of truth.

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