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Not so black and white by Sal

This theory is based on the belief that the island is special, I believe that what Locke saw in series 1 was real, that he looked into the eye of the island and what he saw.......was beautiful. The island therefore needs to be protected: Protected so that the ‘evil’ cannot get out. If we were to believe Jacob, then we might believe that MIB is evil and Jacob good, I do not think that everything is as black and white as that..........

Throughout the series we have been presented with people who are firstly portrayed to be good but then turn out to be not so good and vice versa, e.g. Sawyer was seen as a con man out only for himself, not considering others, over time we have seen him love and care for other people and protect them. The other Sawyer, Anthony Cooper, was firstly portrayed as a man whose son had been ‘hidden’ from him and he seemed genuinely pleased when he met Locke, only to then show us his true side and eventually nearly kill his own son.

I think that we will see the same with Jacob and MIB..... We have been led to believe that Jacob was good, that he was trapped in a cabin, whether or not it was him is irrelevant, what is important is that we were led to go along with it being him, which in turn helped to build us a picture of Jacob being good. This assumption has then been very cleverly used by the writers in subsequent series in order to keep us believing Jacob....and off track.

With this in mind I’m jumping to LA X part 1 where we saw the island under water. I hope I explain my theory properly now (I did tell my husband and my 12 yr old daughter, my husband didn’t understand it but my daughter did!!!)

• Flight 815 doesn’t crash therefore Locke was never there and does not die in order for MIB to use his body – the island is under water, not protected and whatever it was keeping in is now out.

On island:
• Flight 815 crashed, Locke was there, left, came back in a coffin and therefore MIB was able to use his body – the island is still safe and is still an effective cork, keeping in what it is supposed to.

I don’t want to predict the end of LOST (I’d rather not think about it as I’ll be lost myself when that happens!) but I don’t think that MIB will turn out to be bad, if 815 hadn’t crashed then the island would be underwater, but it did crash therefore MIB’s loophole worked and the island is safe.

MIB and Jacob may not be definitively evil or good, they are perhaps somewhere in between, but based on my ramblings I do believe that MIB is leaning on the good side and Jacob on the bad, there is something at stake here between the 2 of them that we haven’t been told yet (or have but I just can’t see it) and I think that this will explain a lot but that is a whole different theory altogether!

Please tell me what you think of this theory, good or bad....Maybe I just can’t get my head round Locke (even if it really is MIB) being anything but good!!

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