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Alright, this piggybacks on a theory I read earlier today about how Desmond somehow traveling back again and choosing Penny the first time around is the thing that sets the new timeline into motion. Here it is, read it: http://bit.ly/clKiCr The thing that got me thinking was, what is different about this time around to make that happen?! There's undoubtedly a time loop going on on the island from 2007 to 1977 and back around again. And as Jacob said, it only ends once; everything before that is just progress.

So once Desmond turns the failsafe key and goes back in time or whatever, his consciousness begins to remember the other versions of the time loop and what does he remember? All the times that Charlie died. What is different about this time around? Desmond saves Charlie again and again, until he died in a way that actually matters.

I wrote up there that Charlie is the black stone/sacrifice in that his death was necessary in order to eventually bring this timeline to an end and to create the sideways one, and the love of Desmond and Penny (the Constant being the #1 LOST episode of all time) being the white stone that is also equally necessary to let the Man in Black get off the island and destroy this timeline/start the new timeline.

See, I think that's what the Man in Black is trying to do, and that could also be what he meant as an inside joke by tossing the white rock off the cliff. He's going to destroy this universe and create the alternate one, and everyone in their "right mind" i.e. jacob, widmore, dharma, want to stop him because they do not have faith that this is a good idea.

Anyway, I have always been bothered by the idea that Charlie died only to bring the freighter/destruction to the island, and the idea that his death was the thing that was different this time around (in conjunction with Desmond eventually choosing Penny the first time around) in order to bring everyone to a happier reality, makes me happy.

Hopefully this all made some sort of sense.

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